About the company.

Our Mission

Broadlight guide our clients to evolve and adopt the next generation of DevOps culture. Broadlight can provide all the insight and expertise you need to get off the ground on the journey into cloud computing and take those first steps towards continuous delivery.

We work with you to quickly achieve shared results via DevOps principles and practices including embedding innovative cloud technology. Although these methods can be daunting and sometimes hard to achieve, we are adept guides and can help navigate around the common pitfalls.

Our Vision

We strive to have the name Broadlight become synonymous with technical agility in DevOps and excellence in the cloud. We see the future of IT as continuous delivery into the cloud.

We want to transform the way our customers deliver their solutions and software, allowing them to consistently outmanoeuvre the competition by iterating at pace while substantially reducing delivery cost and up-front investment.

We strive to bring happiness to every engagement, driving high performance through the latest techniques and methods.

Our Strategy

Our culture is heavily rooted in business evolution, DevOps and collaboration, enabling us to deliver bespoke solutions to clients to drive successful results.

Broadlight has access to a network of exceptional consultants in the UK, Poland and Bulgaria, who work together seamlessly to deliver solutions to our clients. We utilise a range of collaboration and communication tools to ensure our European teams are fully integrated into our UK practice. This tightly-coupled practice enables Broadlight to provide extremely cost-effective solutions to our clients, without losing quality of delivery.

Our solutions are not centred around generating maturity assessment reports. We adopt a flexible approach to work within client requirements and work in partnership to achieve shared outcomes with direct and quantifiable results.

Who we are...


Director of Operations - Jody Cox is able to lead improvement of customer outcomes based upon collaboration using shared values and shared learning enabling a prioritised shared journey by all stakeholders. This is critical to successful transformation and Jody is able to articulate the vision and what needs to change in order to deliver the required outcomes.

Most of Jody’s experience has been gained through agile development enabled by digital technologies to evolve customer engagement by creating new channels, relationships and value propositions through coordinating partners, core competencies using key resources to deliver digital products and services at high speed and quality.


Director of Delivery - Rob Hesketh drives programmes to successful shared outcomes through converting strategy into action, collaboration and cultural evolution. Rob’s passion is to achieve delivery by listening and understanding the business needs in order to bring focus to the critical elements and drive results through motivating and leading high-performing teams. This approach to programme management, leadership and shared values has led Rob to be highly effective directing DevOps and Agile transformation teams.

With a background in technology project and programme management, Rob has worked within retail, investment banking, central government and non-profit sectors since the 1990s. Having led DevOps teams across two continents, Rob has tons of hands-on experience of delivering change in diverse client environments. In his spare time Rob has a passion for good food, fast cars and cameras. Sometimes he even likes to photograph himself eating in his car.


Director of Strategy - Alex "Higgy" Higgins has for the last eight years successfully built business units and businesses from scratch. He has an expert eye for co-ordinating and leading multiple business strategies across diverse streams.

A key innovator and influencer in local and national groups, Alex has led a number of very successful initiatives within the DevOps space. Outside of work, Alex lives on a sea barge in Brighton Marina and is an expert in the costs of maritime ownership.


Director of Commercials - Steve O’Keefe's journey over 20 years has been a beautiful balance of international, consultancy, account management and digital agency experience. He has been responsible for successfully driving growth, promoting and securing new business from around the world.

SteveO has developed and delivered innovative campaigns through strong relationship building, contract negotiation and top-quality client management skills. When not working SteveO loves wine, whiskey and weights but not necessarily in that order!


Sourcing and Account Manager - Beverley Fenn has over 20 years of recruitment experience and manages the internal team, ensuring an efficient, lean and agile operation across all our accounts. She is responsible for both the client and consultant journey being first-rate.

When Beverley has time, she likes to join her daughters driving around the south-east of England in their red and cream replica 1952 baby VW camper van visiting vintage fairs and selling retro sweets, Prosecco and Pimms. When she is not being a hard working professional middle-aged lady she can be found getting rid of the weeks frustrations on the terraces of Millwall Football Club.


HR Manager - Europe - Shannon Harrison works supporting the business as well as hiring Developers with modern technology around Java, C# and frontend tools. She graduated from Chichester University with a degree in Human Resources Management.

Shannon has been pivotal in the building out of our near shore SDLC teams. Outside of work she is a swimming instructor and lifeguard, teaching young children synchronised swimming.


Manager - Professional Services and DevOps - Chris "Wevs" Weatherley is a Senior Manager supporting a number of our key accounts for us, as well as having specialist skills across Professional Services and DevOps hiring.

Demonstrates constant excellence managing both cloud based and on prem specialists. He has a love of cars and motorbikes and is also a dab hand in the property market.


Manager - SDLC & Test - Chris "Barnsey" Barnes has worked across the SDLC landscape for many years but with a particular focus on the Testing market. A vertical specialist and with a strong instinct when it comes to working with the very best in Automation Testers and Performance Testers, both those with more traditional tooling and those using open source tools.

Adept at locating those professionals sometimes referred to as T shaped - i.e. with skills across Test, Dev and DevOps. Outside of work Barnsey can be seen betting on anything and everything, from Horse Racing to division 12 football in Azerbaijan. Also has a passion for playing cricket and is known as The Hot Stepper!

Our Values