Bulgarian Cross-functional Team Scaling


The Challenge:

Broadlight deployed an initial team of 20 SRE resources on site in Mladost, Sofia which had the skills and experience required.  

The team were responsible for production of a no-code mobile phone sale and activation journey. The first customer of this product was Apple Inc. and subsequent customers included Sprint and Verizon.

These resources were under the direction of the Honeybee Project Manager; in addition, a Broadlight Delivery Director was assigned to the account to provide additional ad-hoc oversite of the resources and account management.

Broadlight subsequently created an entire SDLC team in betahaus Sofia, arranging client interviews over Zoom and employing local talent directly to avoid any employment and taxation complications for the client.


Saved circa £3m over two years of deployment vs. local cost in UK and USA regions.

Seamlessly integrated the hiring procedure into honeybee, allowing for video interviewing, technical testing and local face-to-face selection of resources.

No reduction in department velocity and improved capacity added without project drag.

Backlog items were prioritised and addressed allowing for product release to client Apple Inc.

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