Strategic Localised Product Release of New Social News Platform​​

We Are The News

The Challenge:

We Are The News (WATN) is a news-based social media platform. We are committed to telling the news from all sides, which is why we want to hear your side. We are offering you the opportunity to not only show but also to be the news. Share live news footage, conduct your own interviews, connect with other users in our community and debate current affairs. ​

WeAreTheNews was born out of an idea from ConsensusToday which was a unique web-based forum targeted at the global audience of us who enjoy expressing opinions on the internet. ​​

How we helped:

Broadlight were successfully engaged to provide expertise on a number of fronts: ​​

Business Strategy – This allowed WeAreTheNews to meet the needs of consumer’s today as well as their expectations and demands for tomorrow whilst stabilising efforts for the next 3-5 years.​​

Financial Roadmap – Clear understanding of revenues, revenue streams, costs, both regular outgoings and other, of  the end users.​​

Product Roadmap – Broadlight produced a detailed product roadmap encompassing many note-worthy aspects of Broadlight’s Secure Delivery principles and practices, including concepts such as CI/CD, Servant Leadership and collaborative processes. ​

“Broadlight Global set in motion the critically important launch in the USA and the rest of Europe. They ensured we have the right people in place, and that we had legally cleared process. Broadlight Global is strategically placed to resource our teams and ensure we live and breathe DevOps and DevSecOps ways of working. ​”​

Jade Taussig | Co-Founder, WATN​

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