Agendashift 2021 Conference


Agendashift 2021 Conference
May 18, 2021
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About Agendashift2021

Join us on 18th May for a global gathering spanning multiple timezones.

All sessions are aligned to Agendashift's core values of participation and outcome orientation.

We’re in the business of building wholehearted and deliberately adaptive organisations, and we work towards a world in which everyone is invited to engage meaningfully in every decision that affects their work.

Agendashift drive implementation using their five principles of continuous, outcome-oriented transformation:

  1. Start – and finish – with needs.
  2. Agreed outcomes.
  3. Agenda for change visible for all.
  4. Management of options and testing assumptions.
  5. Leverage and learning at the forefront.
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Expert Speakers; Inspiring Keynotes.

Thought-leaders will be taking to the Agendashift2021 stage to share inspiring keynotes and subject-knowledge expertise including:

  • Mike Burrows, CEO of Agendashift.
  • Pia-Maria Thorén, Agile People Coach, Inspiration Director, keynote speaker and author.
  • Gervase Bushe, Professor of Leadership and Organization Development at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Evan Leybourn, CEO of the Business Agility Institute.
  • Daniel Mezick, Founding Member and Advisory Board Member at Open Leadership Network.
  • Andrew Jones, Executive and Agile Coach at Broadlight Global, Founder at Agile Listening Project.
  • And more!
Andrew will be taking to the stage for ‘What do we mean when we say Agendashift is Wholehearted?at 17.30 BST.

Broadlight Global’s very own Andrew Jones, Executive and Agile Coach, Founder of the Agile Listening Project, will be sharing his stories on wholeheartedness when he presents ‘What do we mean when we say Agendashift is Wholehearted?’.

Join the session to learn:

  • What does wholehearted mean?
  • How to use generative patterns to establish outcomes?
  • How to create processes that power highly tuned and efficient organisations.

Virtual Conference

Agendashift2021 is being hosted through MyOnvent. You are able to easily navigate to join speakers for their presentations in the Auditorium and explore the booths in the Exhibitor Hall.

Welcome to the Agendashift2021 Conference Lobby

The Broadlight Global team will be available to chat with you at our booth about our holistic approach to refined Ways of Working and swifter, safer digital delivery utilising Agile and DevSecOps principles. Find out how we can work together to:

  • Surface actionable insights and roadmap suggestions.​
  • Independently validate information eliminating unconscious bias.​
  • Drive and champion change.​
  • Demonstrate increases in productivity, employee and customer satisfaction.​
  • Drive efficiency and increase product delivery velocity.​
  • Create an inclusive working culture that drives collaboration, innovation and happiness.

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Conference Gold Sponsor

Broadlight Global are delighted to be a Gold sponsor of the inaugural Agendashift Conference 2021.  

We are proud to be supporting the not only the global gathering but also the celebration of the new edition of Agendashift™. With our strong shared values of both outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation, we wish the conference every success and all attendees the opportunity to learn from experts spanning agile and digital transformation. 

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