Building Secure Products for Startups

Mario Platt joins us for the second installment of the Startup Series! The talk covered, managing security as part of business risk, how to approach Security Consultant to work with you, implementing product level visibility and ensuring security elements are time-bound. During the session, a question was asked around differences in approach to security within the same organisation: What do you do when organisations treat security as a tick box exercise? A diagnosis is an intervention.‍Mario shared the view that “a diagnosis is an intervention”. If the leadership team are needing to do box-ticking because “customer X asked to tick the box”, it’s still up to the internal security expertise, or a contracted security consultant, to define how it is completed. Mario is an accomplished, highly respected and innovative Information Security Expert, with a multi-faceted track record of expertise ranging from penetration testing, operations, product management, design authority, risk management and governance; with the success of attaining and maintaining compliance to security frameworks, across Telecommunications, Retail, Healthcare and Public Sector organisations throughout the last 15+ years.‍
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