What are Agile Principles?


What are Agile Principles?
January 4, 2021


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Background on Agile

Organisations. large and small, are welcoming the opportunities that working in an Agile manner can bring, such as improving operational efficiency, strengthening real-time decision-making and increasing observability of projects to senior management.

Time is of the essence with employees and employers alike listing Agile skills as those most wanted across job adverts, a finding supported by Forbes.

"The current world of work is saying goodbye to legacy business practices."

The Agile Principles

Core principles of Agile ways of working include: flexibility, communication, adaptability and collaboration. Combining these with the supportive technologies (for office working or remote working), high-functioning cohesive teams and psychological safety throughout the organisation and Agile PMO, can ensure that key outcomes are successful and are repeatable for future challenges.

"An Agile PMO is there to give back to the team and be a part of OneTeam."

Recently we shared the 12 Agile principles, to remind, repeat and educate on the vital applications and helpful tips for achieving thriving outcomes guided by business agility.

Click here to download the printable Agile Principles that take you from continuous delivery to regular reflection.

Agile in Your Organisation

Ensuring your team is supported is an instrumental part of maturing your Agile function, helping you to work as a holistic organisation to deliver great results for customers and internal staff.

Key questions to bear in mind when reflecting on your personal situation may be:

How are you adopting the Agile Principles in your organisation?

Are you looking to see the huge improvements in customer satisfaction that can come from regular product releases?

Or are you seeing growth within your teams and are seeking support to guide good Agile practices through
team scaling?

Book a free no obligation call with our experts to discuss your 2021 goals and how adopting Agile practices will benefit your business for years to come here.


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