Evolve towards your optimal organisational performance, through harmoniously elevating People, Processes and Technology.

Through operational assessments, fractional support, upskilling workshops and coaching we work with you to enhance your Business Agility, Digital Delivery, Cloud Platforms and Security Practices.

Operational Assessments | Workshops and Coaching | Fractional Support

‍‍Operational Assessments

Whether you are considering or are already on a journey of improvement, an objective and independent assessment can provide critical insights and precisely identify the key areas that inhibit you from operating at your performant potential.  

With a cross-sectional analysis of your organisation’s operational status, across all facets of People, Processes and Technology, we can develop a multi-dimensional perspective of a challenge, to leave no stone unturned when prioritising improvements and avoiding unintended and costly pitfalls.

Typical Benefits

  • Gain an unbiased overview of your organisational capability within key assessment topics - unique insights are aggregated from across the full breadth and depths of organisational functions and the interactions between them.
  • Understand precisely what is inhibiting you from delivering the value your customers seek, more frequently and securely.
  • Define an approach to Cloud that makes it easier for your organisation to manage cost, workload and compliance obligations.
  • Receive a truly informed and actionable improvement plan, enabling you to make positive changes in the right way, at the very next sprint.
  • A specifically tailored output with only the relevant action items in the format of your choosing e.g., Jira, ADO, Monday, HubSpot etc.

Our Assessments

  • Agile / Lean Performance Assessment
    Surface a cross-organisational view of your current Agile Performance against Leadership, Collaboration, Transparency, Balance and Flow.
  • AWS, Azure or Jira Health Check
    Identify any unexploited opportunities, weaknesses, complexities or inefficiencies to address in your setup and workflows.
  • Secure Product Delivery Assessment
    Uncover blind spots to ensure a thorough and systematic approach to DevOps and DevSecOps adoption.
  • Cloud Platform and Automation Assessment
    Establish an actionable path to ensuring deployment into the cloud is highly robust and flexible and allows your teams to move at the optimum speed, without compromising quality, security, or compliance.
  • Security Practice and Maturity Mapping
    Understand what maturity means in your context, not just against a generalised best practice, and help to define plans to improve.
  • Security Incident Analysis
    Equip your teams with the insights required to understand and address the prevalent security culture.
  • Policy Re-engagement Assessment
    Remediate organisational liabilities by assuring your policies accurately reflect your operations.

Workshops and Coaching

In the fast paced world of scaling organisations and in long established functions that must embrace change to keep pace with modern innovation, skills gaps are inevitable. With digital skills shortages being at an acute high, the reality of introducing skills through hires is now increasingly competitive and organisations must also prioritise investing in their teams.

Working as an extension of your team, our expert consultants facilitate collaborative and individual sessions. Evolve workshops are about more than purely improving performance for the benefit of an organisation, they are principally designed to complement each individual’s professional and personal development, whilst demonstrating the wider benefits of a psychologically safe environment of knowledge sharing.

Held in person or remotely, Evolve workshop courses can be tailored to draw upon a breadth of expertise, to meet the unique priorities of an organisation.

Example Courses

  • Transformational and Servant Leadership Course
    Adopt the behavioural characteristics, methods and tools of an inspiring and transformational leader.
  • Adopting a OneTeam Culture Course
    Instil a transparent and psychologically safe working culture, aligned to shared goals and aspirations.  
  • Agile Product Management Course
    Design products and services that meet customer needs at the right time. Ensure your agile teams are performing at their optimum collaborative performance.
  • Secure Product Delivery Course
    Respond to change and reduce liability risks rapidly and securely through adopting DevSecOps capabilities and a culture of security, including tooling analysis and recommendations.
  • Security De-Cluttering Course
    Train your team on how to maintain and de-clutter security management systems.

Fractional Support

With our C-Suite of experienced business leaders, you access proportionate and cost-effective leadership and practical expertise from specialists that will bring forward-thinking insight and action into your organisation.

The support of an experienced subject matter expert can be an invaluable guide to an organisation seeking to drive greater success, benefit from prior experience and introduce new perspectives to a challenge.

Key Benefits

  • Enrich your company with the skills and knowledge of CTOs, CPO, CISO, Software and Engineering specialists such as Software, Cloud and Enterprise Architects, as much and as often as required, to proportionately supplement your teams to drive successful outcomes.
  • Maximise opportunities and predict the pitfalls of pivotal strategic decisions, saving you unnecessary expense by getting it right the first time.
  • Introduce objective third-party facilitation to de-politicise issues, quickly gain clarity and validate your approach with impartial and confidential insights.
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