The Agile Listening Project promotes the education of Active Listening and Servant Leadership...

Organisations, particularly those who are undergoing business transformations in an Agile manner, can benefit from the following...

  • Enhancing Agile principles of collaboration, transparency, respect, dependability and balance to increase project success rates.
  • Improvements in teamwork result in a dramatic increase in productivity and success in delivering change.
  • Variety of tailored courses all developed with Agile skills in mind and include exercises in Discovery, Exploration, Mapping and Delivery.
  • Identification of team issues to improve the work environment and the team's ability to deliver success.

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Encouraging modern team thinking and processes, embedded with robust feedback loops that enable your business to evolve, today and for the future. By introducing you to a depth of expertise, we will avoid the pitfalls, identify the opportunities and steer the course to success.
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