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Agility, Culture and Collaboration

Organisations with a desire for digital dominance can only achieve success through a level of agility that exceeds the competition.

This can only be attained by immersing into a culture that drives shared values towards a common goal and which empowers all aspects of the business.

DevOps is about enabling cross-team collaboration inside an organization - with both tools and people, in order to deliver for the benefit of the business.

Where it goes wrong

Low Agility

We’ve bought all the tools, but the teams just aren’t producing results. Time to market is slow and quality is patchy.

Cultural Failure

We’re not sure where the problems lie as we have good people, but the results are unsatisfactory. Why is the culture failing?

Poor Collaboration

We have great people that we invest hundreds of thousands in each year, yet the results are lacking and quality is poor.

Broadlight work with your organisation to create and embed a best practice world-class DevOps culture.

We collaborate with you to address these three underpinning fundamentals, allowing you to accelerate your business and see results fast.

How to put it right

Agile Integration

Ensure both your people and your tools are properly integrated. Holistically review and assess the SDLC.

Cultural Adoption

Embed and embrace the DevOps culture, transform your teams to new levels of performance.

Effective Collaboration

Work across teams and business units to achieve shared results. Align values and enjoy the delivery of outcomes.

How we Accelerate Success

Broadlight provide a tailored experience based on each individual companies needs and what is required to drive company agility forward. We use a variety of techniques to formulate a package, suitable to accelerate client needs.

Culture Workshops

Bringing people together to understand values and process.

Process Reviews

Deep dives into SDLC and business processes and communication.

Onsite Expertise

Onsite experts embedded into client teams.

Deep Code Reviews

Development, automated test and quality assurance.

Real World Training

Hands on training and developments across the organisation.

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