Connect any application across any infrastructure

A distributed, highly available, and data center aware solution to connect and configure applications across dynamic, distributed infrastructure.

Why Companies Use Consul

Dynamic Service Discovery

Service discovery via HTTP and DNS simplifies connecting services deployed across distributed infrastructure.

Runtime Configuration & Orchestration

Enable distributed runtime configuration updates at scale. Orchestrate one-off changes across a global infrastructure.

Advanced Networking

Support microservices deployments across complex network topologies.

Broadlight work with your organisation to create and embed a best practice world-class DevOps Tooling

Increase Operator Efficiency

Operators collaborate, iterate, and safely provision infrastructure with version control system integration and collaboration workflows in the UI.

Control infrastructure at scale

Operators can create modules that enforce good hygiene around infrastructure usage to control cost and optimise usage

Increase Developer Productivity

Enable Operators to create reusable infrastructure modules that they provide as self-service infrastructure to developers

Minimize Exposure

Provide necessary constraints with policy as code management to securely manage infrastructure and minimise security vulnerability.

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