Run Any Application on Any Infrastructure

Nomad is an easy-to-use and flexible cluster scheduler that enables an organization to automate the deployment of any application on any infrastructure at any scale.

Why Developers and Operators Use Nomad

Application Deployment

Decouple application deployment from the infrastructure lifecycle. Automate application placement, scaling, and restarts. Simplify application updates with native support for rolling, canary and blue/green strategies.

Workload Flexibility

Integrate Nomad into existing workflows with first-class support for both Docker and non-containerized applications. Deploy and manage microservices and run high-throughput batch/analytical workloads on the same cluster.

Easy Operations and Scalability

Simplify operations and enable easy, elastic scalability with Nomad’s lightweight architecture. Easily deploy Nomad across regions and cloud providers with built-in federation capabilities.

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Increase Operator Efficiency

Operators collaborate, iterate, and safely provision infrastructure with version control system integration and collaboration workflows in the UI.

Control infrastructure at scale

Operators can create modules that enforce good hygiene around infrastructure usage to control cost and optimise usage

Increase Developer Productivity

Enable Operators to create reusable infrastructure modules that they provide as self-service infrastructure to developers

Minimize Exposure

Provide necessary constraints with policy as code management to securely manage infrastructure and minimise security vulnerability.

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