Provision Any Infrastructure For Any Application

A workflow to provision infrastructure for private cloud, public cloud, and external services. Build reusable Terraform templates to define the topology of infrastructure using code. Terraform providers include 100+ infrastructure integrations, 1000+ resources, and 1100+ contributors.

The Solution

HashiCorp Terraform provides a consistent workflow for an operator to provision infrastructure across private cloud, public cloud, and external services.

Embrace infrastructure as code:

Operators use infrastructure as code to provision infrastructure at scale, enable automation, and infrastructure module reuse

Manage heterogeneity

Operators use a consistent workflow to provision infrastructure regardless of cloud providers, and without losing access to the full capabilities of each cloud.

Dependency Management:

Dependencies between resources are automatically reconciled and provisioned in order while also provisioning independent resources in parallel.

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Increase Operator Efficiency

Operators collaborate, iterate, and safely provision infrastructure with version control system integration and collaboration workflows in the UI.

Control infrastructure at scale

Operators can create modules that enforce good hygiene around infrastructure usage to control cost and optimise usage

Increase Developer Productivity

Enable Operators to create reusable infrastructure modules that they provide as self-service infrastructure to developers

Minimize Exposure

Provide necessary constraints with policy as code management to securely manage infrastructure and minimise security vulnerability.

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