Security Accelerator

Integrated Security by Design

Organisations looking to achieve Security by Design have a natural advantage.

Security and privacy have never been as important as they are now to establish and maintain customer, business partner and investor trust.

With the new privacy regulation EU GDPR setting strict requirements for Privacy by Design and the new subject access rights, your IT delivery function needs to ensure security and privacy assessments are embedded into IT operations and that the appropriate security controls are in place commensurate to the risk to individuals.

Data breaches have never been costlier in damage to reputation and fines, so it’s time to shift security left where it can be embedded in your organisations DNA.

Wave One

  • Threat Modelling

    OWASP GDPR Patterns

  • Vulnerability Management


  • Secure Cloud Configuration

    Azure – Azucar, AWS – SecurityMonkey

Wave Two

  • Supply Chain Security

    OWASP Dependency Check

  • Web Application Firewall

    Mod security Core Rules, Mod security + COMODO

  • Code Analysis

    OWASP SonarQube

Wave Three

  • Security Stories

    OWASP User Security Stories

  • Automated and Integrated Testing

    BDD Security

  • Resilience Testing

    Chaos Monkey

Broadlight work with your organisation to create and embed a best practice world-class DevSecOps culture.

Embedding the DevSecOps journey means adopting cultural practices as well as tooling to support the identification and response to the evolving threat landscape, and through adoption of security champions across the organisation.

By integrating threat modelling and secure code analysis tools, to help you keep abreast with any new processing of information and code quality, you can ensure this process is organic in your development. Ensure you’re protected against common threats, like OWASP Top Ten.

By integrating other security tooling, such as vulnerability management, secure cloud configuration checks, component security and web application firewalls and fully integrating it with your alerting platform of choice you ensure security visibility is pervasive across your organisation.

Finally, the writing and developing security improvements through the use of security user stories, automated and integrated testing in the pipeline by implementing your organisational policies as code and often testing component fail scenarios through integrating Chaos you will benefit from secure and resilient platforms that keep the show running even in adverse conditions.

How we Accelerate Success

Broadlight provide a tailored experience based on each individual companies needs and what is required to drive company agility forward. We use a variety of techniques to formulate a package, suitable to accelerate client needs.

Culture Workshops

Bringing people together to understand values and process.

Process Reviews

Deep dives into SDLC and business processes and communication.

Onsite Expertise

Onsite experts embedded into client teams.

Deep Code Reviews

Development, automated test and quality assurance.

Real World Training

Hands on training and developments across the organisation.

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