From DevOps to SRE

Chris Heisz is a capable Site Reliability Engineer and passionate speaker on all things DevOps, Dev and Test – just what we love to celebrate and share with the wonderful DevOps, Dev & Test community! Chris started his career as Java Developer and over the years has made a space in the tech community as an exceptional quick learner, a configuration hero with an ability of distilling technical knowledge to wide audiences.  

In this talk, Chris shared his insights into the world of DevOps and SRE with an abundance of humour, secret industry tips and easy to follow methodologies to boot.  

This presentation was recorded and shared for the benefits of viewing to be shared with those not in attendance. This was done with the knowledge of the speaker and the live audience throughout.  

This talk was delivered as part of a successful live event series for the DevOps, Dev & Test community in Brighton live at the Komedia Music and Live Event Venue on Tuesday 10th March 2020.


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