Project Lead

Alex Higgins
Director of Strategy

The Challenge

IQVIA have been a client for over 7 years. We were asked to assist them with supplementing their cross functional SDLC teams based in London, Brighton, Poland and Bulgaria in order that they could continue to supply their ever-growing client base. IQVIA needed technology professionals across a wide range of positions to help advance human health through the integration of data science, technology and human science.

They were looking to help their clients address both their current needs and future opportunities and so had a very high need across Python, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science,  Technical Architecture, Java, Scala, C# and JavaScript Developers, Technical Automation Testers and Big Data Developers.

To ensure success, we have continuously engaged with the organisation to ensure we are embedded within their company culture and fully understand the business needs. 


We were able to deliver in tightly constrained timeframes to ensure they could deliver to their clients and reduce the use of contractors to plug skills gaps.

Reduced the friction associated with supplementing teams, reducing the drag on the Scrum teams by quickly integrating because we truly partnered and understood them.

Built a Bulgarian nearshore facility putting in place a team of 10, with a turnaround of 3 weeks.


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