Reach new scaling horizons with rapid, multi-national team building.

As ‘Team Integrators’, we work with you to build high-performing product teams or specialist squads, tailored to your required standards of experience and skills with careful attention your company culture.

Together we will achieve a time-to-hire within weeks, not months and within budget.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid time-to-hire, teams will be built in weeks, not months. This is still typically 40% cheaper than UK contractors.
  • Bespoke regional team designed in your image, key to establishing a long-term presence.
  • Remove administrative, legal, payroll and financial duties for one simple fixed margin.
  • Seamless integration with your teams' ways of working, to ensure velocity of delivery remains unaffected.
  • Flexible ramp up and ramp down model, with no lock in and no IR35 headaches.
  • Divert hundreds of hours of distraction from the hiring process.

Why choose Broadlight Global?

You will be enabled to keep a higher pace of growth than your competition, by introducing you to our holistic team and regional experts:

  • Market Researchers
  • Talent Acquisition Specialists
  • Marketers
  • Account and Delivery Managers
  • Regional Legal Support
  • Agile Coaches
  • Software and Platform Engineering Experts

Currently, we have offices and legal entities in Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Romania and South Africa with extensive local talent networks across all of these regions and all major EU tech hubs.

By gaining immediate reach to new talent markets, and a speed-to-hire that can only be achieved with routine regional experience, your hiring blockers will be removed at a pace that exceeds expectations.

Quick results, no hiring headaches.

Through collaborative sessions with your team, we design the approaches required to assure quality benchmarking can be handed over to our subject matter experts.

This includes constructing technical assessments and agreeing how we conduct first-round interviews. All of which is customised to your unique skills, experience and cultural priorities.

This gives you rapid time-to-value by ensuring your team leaders can focus on their core responsibilities, with their only time commitment being a final interview.  We then accelerate your path to achieving critical deliverable objectives, with your first team members being 'on-site’, typically in under four weeks.

Throughout an engagement, we take on all administration, legal and financial duties. We also manage relations with all sub-contractors working on your behalf, with responsibility for all team escalation issues and assurance of wellbeing and integration, for one simple fixed margin.

A 'OneTeam' Partnership

We believe in the philosophy of a ‘OneTeam’ Partnership. This is a mantra defined by the key principles of honesty, transparency, respect, a shared mission, collaboration and striving for continuous improvement… The crucial ingredients to achieve truly successful outcomes.

  1. Agree Scaling Process
    We begin with workshops to clearly define the selection and onboarding process and controls. Following this, we produce a service design document that clearly delineates roles and responsibilities.
  2. Align Job Specifications
    We then align to the roles, skills benchmarking, team values and priorities for people to be recruited. We typically advocate for initial hires to be experienced team leads and local ambassadors.
  3. Agree Entities and Commercials
    Our project leads work directly with your Senior Management, Procurement, Legal and Finance teams to develop the optimum commercial structures, acquire office rental if required and develop a OneTeam culture.
  4. Develop a Marketing Campaign
    Grow awareness of your organisation amongst SDLC workers and entice them by extoling the virtues and experience of working for your team.
  5. Source Local Offices
    If required, we can work with your teams to ensure that new facilities represent your standards and their location is optimal to attract the very best people.
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