Speed Boost for a Scaling Start-up

BuildMyTalent is a start-up in the construction industry with a platform connecting industry professionals. We partnered with them to develop a new jobs board, scale their infrastructure and enhance site speed to deliver a seamless user experience.
Published on
May 18, 2023

Key Insights

  • Significantly improved site speed through the integration of a cloud microservice
  • Provided a future roadmap and guidance to achieve goals and support growth
  • Delivered scalable designs with components that can be reused across the site

About our Client

The Challenge

With a growing user base and increasing demand, BuildMyTalent needed to scale up their platform infrastructure and improve overall site speed. The website’s slow running was acting as a barrier to entry and was impeding plans to onboard fee-paying customers.  

We were tasked with addressing performance issues to enable the organisation to drive revenue growth. However, their platform's monolithic architecture posed scalability issues as the company expanded.  

The existing SaaS hosting solution, though initially convenient, limited customisation according to specific business requirements. The platform also suffered from slow loading times due to an excessive number of APIs and plugins, causing frustrating delays.

Our focus was on two key user groups: job seekers and fee-paying companies managing job listings on the site. Additionally, we recognised the need to gain a deeper understanding of the platform's growing user base.

The Solution

Taking a discovery-led approach, we used user-centred design techniques to guide the client. Through empathy workshops and user research conducted alongside industry specialists, we gained valuable insights into their user base. Following a collaborative workshop, we co-defined user-profiles and delivered proto-personas that served as a foundation for further development. This exercise also gave both parties a shared understanding and vocabulary,  highlighting gaps where further research was recommended.

We also collaborated to identify the most important aspects of the site. Our team worked closely with the client to develop a roadmap to scale their platform. The key objective was to transition to a cloud microservice approach. This allowed for greater flexibility in managing different aspects of the platform while improving overall site speed, performance, and scalability.  

Jobs Board: We created a brand-new, user-friendly jobs board tailored to our client's specific needs. The platform serves as a central hub where employers can post job openings, and job seekers can explore and apply for relevant positions. We also considered the experience between the newly updated site and the existing website, to make sure that users could navigate between the two platforms with ease.

Integrating APIs: To enhance the functionality and scope, we integrated a diverse range of external APIs. These integrations allowed us to pull in valuable data from various sources, such as industry-specific job feeds and third-party recruitment and HR tools.

Applicant Tracking System: Understanding the importance of streamlining the hiring process for our client, we developed an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This enabled businesses to manage job listings and applications, track candidate progress, and facilitate effective communication between employers and applicants.

BuildMyTalent High-Fidelity prototypes

In addition, we helped in scoping out a future roadmap for their next phase of growth. This included creating a detailed development plan outlining how the company would use the funds to scale its platform and expand its services.

While the initial focus was on core functionalities, we have also accounted for the inclusion of a Design System to harness repeatability as the brand evolves. Throughout the design process, we have captured continuous improvements and refinements in the backlog. This ensures that as the platform progresses, we have a comprehensive record of enhancements and updates to implement.

BuildMyTalent Design System

The Results

The client's platform now runs on a scalable and flexible cloud architecture, resulting in improved site speed and performance.  The seamless integration between the new site and the existing website has also enhanced the user experience for the platform’s growing user base. What’s more, the development plan we created is helping the client to secure funding for their next growth phase. This will ensure they continue expanding their services and attract new users and clients.

Our team acted as a supportive partner throughout the project, providing expert guidance and assistance. We made sure that the final product was not only technically sound but also attractive to new clients.

We're proud to have played a part in their success.

Alex Ramsden
CEO and Founder


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Project Team
Full Stack Developer
Andre Morins
UX Specialist
Katie Mason
UX Specialist
Simon Hemmings
Director of Engineering
Ella Blackburn
Head of CX
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