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Find out how we brought together an entire technical leadership team fast.
Published on
October 18, 2015

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The Challenge:

Initially we were engaged to help advance the teams platform engineering prowess and speed of delivery in addition to providing flexible additional bandwidth to handling rapid onboarding of new clients. Our team were additionally tasked with clearing technical debt and help transition the team to become an ‘SRE’ Function and lay the foundations for rapid scaling.

Following successfully securing Series B funding, CloudMargin entrusted Broadlight Global to support for the initial technical assessments, introductory interview process and hiring process in scaling out their permanent team of outstanding technical ability.

With a blend of strategic and hiring support, we successfully hired their entire VP technical level, including VP Head of DevOps, VP Head of Cybersecurity and VP Principle Engineer. In addition, we placed a further 8 hires across Software Engineering, Product Ownership and Test Engineering.


We were able to deliver both immediate and long term capability and capacity benefits delivering specialist and highly experienced engineering talent. We played a pivotal role in the definition of specifications and market rates, particularly regarding their first security hire, to assure enablement of a DevSecOps strategy.

Through scaling, we diverted hundreds of man hours away from their team, during critical months of the pandemic where their internal staff were under increased pressures.

In collaboration, we refined our screening process to assure high conversion rates and alignment, so that we minimised the need for hiring managers to only be involved in technical and final stage interviews.

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