Everyday DevSecOps: Making the process of adopting DevSecOps simpler with Will Hall

Will Hall's talk on adopting DevSecOps. Will gives a great talk about onboarding DevSecOps into your team and the simple steps he has used to seamlessly integrate it before.

He talks through why you might want DevSecOps, what changes can be made and what you might have to readopt. He also gives a live demonstration of this with context to show exactly how it works and can benefit your team.

This talk was given at our return to in-person Meetups, the Cambridge DevOps, Dev and Test gathering! Cambridge DevOps, Dev and Test Gathering is a growing community of passionate people within the Engineering, Technical and Security industries who gather to attend insightful talks, networking with like-minded people, exciting raffles and drinks!For more information on upcoming events, talks and more, register on the Cambridge DevOps, Dev and Test Gathering Meetup page.

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