Navigating the technical skills shortage

Ricky Dolphin talks about the challenges of talent shortages and how Cambridge Cognition has adapted their strategy to continue to grow.

CTO of Cambridge Cognition, Ricky talks about his experiences on “Navigating the technical skills shortage”

Every company in the UK and beyond is struggling to recruit and retain technical talent. Solving this issue is key to success to any company within the technical industry. Ricky gives his thoughts and recommendations on navigating this very current issue form from Cambridge Cognition's own real world experiences.

This talk was given at our return to in-person Meetup! The Cambridge DevOps, Dev and Test Gathering is a growing community of passionate people within the Engineering, Technical and Security industries who gather to attend insightful talks, networking with like-minded people, exciting raffles and drinks! For more information on upcoming events, talks and more, register on the our Meetup page.

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