Make Customer Experience a Priority

Broadlight Launching New Service to Improve Customer Experience (CX)

We’re excited to move into this new phase of growth with the addition of a new Customer Experience (CX) function. Together we’ll assess your customer experience, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan to implement change. The goal is always to work quickly and iteratively – to drive real, measurable results.

Broadlight are flexible and collaborative. You can ask us to step in to help with a small part of your project, or work across digital delivery – we adapt to what you need.

Customer Experience services include research and discovery, wireframes and design, persona creation, journey mapping, usability testing and competitive analysis. CX Specialists are available on an individual, team or consultancy basis.

Broadlight’s existing service portfolio will also help to reinforce and complement the team’s skillset – ensuring you avoid costly missteps. This includes expertise across business analysis, complex digital delivery, and team scaling.

“At Broadlight, people have always come first. But making Customer Experience a priority is a strategic move that will deliver better value for our clients. From the way customers interact with your brand (CX), to the quality of experience you provide for developers (DX), companies are increasingly realising the value of a human-centred approach. And whereas experience used to be an afterthought, it’s now a necessity to stay relevant."

Alex Higgins | MD, Broadlight Global Ltd

Our Process

Human-centred principles are at the heart of our approach, putting your customers and users front and centre. We use a Design Thinking framework. This is a methodical, evidence-driven approach to User Experience (UX) that allows for continual feedback loops.

It’s non-linear and won’t necessarily be followed sequentially, but rather incorporated into Agile ways of working. It's about working quickly and iteratively to create sustainable solutions that are aligned with your vision and business strategy.

Design Thinking diagram © Broadlight Global 2022
Design Thinking diagram © Broadlight Global 2022

Our CX specialists also leverage international usability, accessibility and ergonomics standards. As well as the best practice and heuristic principles associated with usability, User Experience (UX) and human-system interaction.

The Team

Bringing expertise across research, communication, interface design (UI) and brand, we’ll work with you to understand your customers – and keep them happy.

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Broadlight are a Brighton-based consultancy with a people-first approach to technology. Since 2012, we’ve grown to be a global team with colleagues across the UK, Europe and South Africa. Drawing on years of experience in the technology industry, we’re strategically placed to help your business grow.

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