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VideoMy journey from 0 to 1 with Guillaume Kendall
Gulliaume talks us through his journey with his start-up company Zedosh. From the start to where he is now, he covers the trials and tribulations Zedosh has gone through and what he's learned throughout that process.
November 2022
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Blog - 5 minutes readMake Customer Experience a Priority
Whereas experience used to be an afterthought, it’s now a necessity to stay relevant.
October 2022
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Blog - 6 minute readWhy is 'Developer Experience'  critical to your people strategy?
Developer Experience (DX) is about developers, and whether they experience a positive sense of flow and enablement from technical products and processes they use. Akin to User Experience (UX), DX focuses on the experiential perspective of developers or engineers on the job.
Jody Cox
September 2022
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Unlocking the future of Broadlight Global.
As we move into a new phase of growth, we're busy making changes to improve the website. You'll start to see the results at the end of February so watch this space!